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In the book “The Key To a Heavenly Life”, Sarit Ashrov invites you to connect with the journey through the paths of her life, her experiences, her experiences and enter the wide world of her patients.

Sarit knows firsthand from personal experiences, how hard it is to look inside and make a change, how easy it is to disconnected from one self and what really brings us happiness and peace in life. In this book, she invites you to discover how to contribute and be enriched by all the abundance of this world.



From the chapter, What is My Biggest Dream? “…is it really possible to give up our dreams for someone else?….every river has a bridge that makes it possible to cross it. The most important thing is not give up our dreams. Dreams do come true! Be true to yourselves and your dreams…..”

This book provides inspiration for making a difference in your life and calls for an internal, real and deep dialog through a variety of life stories and key questions that can help you advance the thinking process with yourselves, reach new significant insights and help you be more honest with yourselves and grow.

The book contains 52 selected chapters from every subject we encounter in our lives and provides information on the subject and exercises to be performed. In addition, you can also purchase a set of key questions cards to ask yourself for accuracy on what is bothering. Instructions on working with the cards are in the cards box.

According to Sarit, “the results lie in the right question which will lead you to the desired place”.

It is an easy-to read book, easy to apply to make a difference in your world and heavenly life as Sarit and her patients did.

Sarit Asharov is a writer and a mentor for self-realization, development, empowerment, and growth in life. A reiki Master and a senior therapist in the Theta Healing and Acces-Bars methods. She is a graduate of the leading schools in Israel in the fields of beauty and soul care.

Sarit has experienced in her life the feelings of disaster and victimization, and great difficulty of getting out of a place so far from who she really is to a different and better place with the feeling she is moving in circles around herself and for a long time. Until one day a turning point happened in her life and she decided that she wanted a real change. Something that would give her a purpose, a smile and hope when she woke up in the morning – a quality life. Sarit received a gift from above and she did not know then how it could help her.

Today, Sarit Asharov, a mentor for nourishing the body and soul, she treats people and touches the inner and external beauty, and through counselling and treatment shows them the way to real change and finding a direction that will give meaning to their lives.

Heaven is here and not only in the afterlife.

"Hi Sarit, I finally finished reading your book. It's so amazing and empowering and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to read it exactly now when I'm in the process of starting a new business. You touch on so many good points of our daily lives and interactions with ourselves (our brain) and our surroundings. You're an amazing woman, mother, and an asset to your community. I can't wait to see you again and give you a big hug. This book has given me so much of exactly what I needed: self confidence and the power to achieve my goals in life". ❤

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